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Internet Sales Increasing; January 2013 Update

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Purchasing products and services through the Internet is gathering pace and according to the research by PwC and Frost & Sullivan in July 2012, 6.3% of sales in Australia, 7.3% of sales in the US and 10.7% of sales in the UK are done online. 

Further statistics can be seen in PwC and Frost & Sullivan’s Infographic.

Reasons for purchasing online include:

  • eliminate driving
  • no crowds
  • no noise
  • better selection
  • better prices

Reasons for businesses going online include:

  • “avoiding high rental costs (or reducing rental costs) for business premises
  • comparatively low barriers to entry in terms of business establishment costs
  • low barriers to geographic expansion across Australia and overseas
  • reducing the amount of advertising needed to sell products
  • removing the need for intermediaries and associated costs by interacting directly
  • with customers.”1


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