Our Goggomobil Dart Restoration - Brisbane, Australia

Our aim is to restore it as close to original as possible.

Last Updated: 11 December 2013

Goggomobil Dart BodyGoggomobil Dart Chassis

The above photos were of the Dart when we first got it back in February, 2010.

June, 2010

We have a restoration workshop underway on the project and they have had the above body (and a spare we also got with the vehicle) soda blasted ready for some repair work.

The chassis has been totally stripped with a few minor replacement patches welded into the floor pans and front. There has also been a little bit of other sorting. The chassis now looks very straight. The seats have been removed (and sent to a new home as they are definitely not original!) and the old Toyota steering gear also sent on its way.

The motor is the 400cc version. This car was built originally in 1959 and is body 1141.

The body is now primed and will remain that way until almost to the end when we will get the final colour applied. The chassis is also finished. Currently the restorer is working on the mechanicals and we have lined up our upholsterer. The exhaust shop has copied an original exhaust/muffler system but done it in stainless for longevity. We have also had someone make another three sets of seat frames. (They didn't come cheap but look great!) The motor has been cleaned up and fitted to the chassis. Hydraulics have been installed along with main cables. We got new cables from Uwe but our project stalled when it looked like they didn't fit. It turned out the handbrake slot had been moved which explained those cables not being the right length. A good look at the manual and some tweaking meant the other cables are now fitted nicely. The rest of the mechanicals are nearly finished. Soon the car will go to the upholsterer and the panel shop will paint the body.

May, 2011

After SodablastingFloor Pan Repairs

Shell after sodablasting AND Floor pan after sandblasting needed some patches (shown)

After fibreglassing

After minor fibreglassing repairs.

Bottom of Chassis - FinalTop of Chassis - Final

After Chassis Repairs.

Primed Body Ready For Paint - FrontPrimed Body Ready for Paint - Side

Primed Body after Repairs - Looks Better Than New!!!!

December 2013

Dusty chassis with motor in place

Dusty chassis with motor in place.

To date, the body has been sodablasted, the chassis sandblasted and both have had minor repairs done to sort them out. The chassis and body have been re-connected together temporarily and some adjustments made to them so that they fit nicely. The chassis has also had an anti-corrosive coating applied. Both have been primed and the chassis is now completely re-painted.

As a matter of interest this is how we have sourced things so far:

We have also been able to purchase a second-hand rear seat from Uwe. Confusion surrounds as to whether the rear seats were ever an official option on the Darts. Some people say yes. Some no. If you have a way of authenticating one view or another, please get in touch.

And the good news was that we have sourced two complete and working seat frames that were also in the parts from Tasmania.


When we purchased the car, it was actually running so mechanically, we are pretty well sorted for parts. The vehicle also came with boxes and boxes of spares - some useful - some not so useful. And the Tasmanian purchase has yielded yet more parts. So much so that we are now looking at restoring a second car but we will do one first before we get too carried away.

However, we are still interested in the following and any help or guidance would be appreciated. We would be happy to purchase outright or swap for something you might need:

The above list is dated 11 December 2013 and no doubt our requirements will change by the day. To get in contact, please email: Michelle

When completed, this Dart will go into our eclectic collection of microcars (we have a Messerschmitt KR 200, Bond Bug, BMW Isetta and a Fiat 500).